Tuesday, December 20, 2011

3 Key Features Every Ad Network Should Have

Finding an ad network online that works for your business isn't easy. There are so many to consider, each offering its own spin on online marketing. How will you know which advertising network will bring long term results?  For starters, you'll want an advertising service that focuses on three key areas of online marketing - targeting, tracking and fraud prevention.  Why these three areas?  All three are crucial to success when marketing on the Internet.  All three help you to reach a ready-to-buy audience, keep up with the results, and make sure no click fraud or spamming is involved in your promotions.  Let's explore these three key features a little further.

1.  Targeting Your Audience

If you simply create and promote ads to a general audience, you are less likely to see results.  Targeting in an ad network helps you reach a specific audience that's either interested in your products or services, or in a specific geographic area.  Some sites enable you to target by keywords, location (country, region, etc.), or by the device that web surfers are using to find website.  Targeting your audience simply means that the people you are trying to reach through banner ads, interstitial ads, text ads, etc. are indeed prospects of your products and services.

2.  Tracking Features 

While you might be targeting a specific group of people, it's still smart to track your results with any advertising network. Tracking features such as visitor statistics, traffic sources, traffic audits, etc. can help you know exactly if your ads are working or not.  You'll be able to test your ads as well as the audience you're trying to reach so you can hone your ad network results!

3.  Fraud Prevention

With fraud prevention and detection, the advertising service will offer proxy detection, click ring detection, and macro/bot prevention and detection.  These anti-fraud measures will help ensure that every ad dollar you spend goes toward your own campaigns.  There are many "ad thieves" that want to steal the traffic that's rightfully yours, so fraud prevention should be a priority with any ad network.

Once you know for certain that the advertising service offers all three of the features above, you should take time to compare pricing, testimonials from other customers, and the company's guarantee policy.  Make sure the advertising network is owned by a reputable marketing company that's been in business for a while.  Many newcomers in the marketing arena make big claims, but never deliver the visitors or profits that are promised.  Use these three features as criteria to choose the ad network that's right for your business. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Short URLs Can Enhance Your Twitter Posts

Have you wondered if there's a way to squeeze more information into those limited Twitter posts or Tweets?  Short URLs make it possible. These are URLs or web addresses that have been shortened to fit into tight spaces, such as the "limited character" Twitter posts and other similar social posts.  Short URLs enable you to type more for your ad or update, so space won't be wasted on longer web addresses.

You can create shorter URLs for Twitter posts using a number of services online.  With these services, you'll merely copy and paste a longer URL into a field, and click a button to shorten it.  With all services, the shorter URL is a redirected domain name.  When someone clicks the short URL or types it in, it will redirect back to the exact web page that you entered when shortening it.

Your Benefits

Shorter URLs give you more space to type your message in social posts for Twitter and/or Facebook, email ads, on banners, etc.  They can be used for various campaigns to test ads or email messages.  Short URLs can also be used to earn extra income.  Some services such as Ity.im give you the ability to create a short URL that directs the visitor to interstitial ads. There are earnings each time the interstitial ad is viewed as well as earnings for any clicks or impressions received on the ads.  This is a great way to get a shorter URL and earn extra cash!

Another benefit is you can use short URLs in press releases and other types of announcements.  Shortening the web address makes it more attractive in the writing and helps your users find your site much easier.

Considerations with Shortening a URL

When considering a short URL, make sure you are using a legitimate service.  Like everything else that hits the news online, scammers have already jumped on the bandwagon to try and exploit the use of shortening web addresses.  So only use those services that have a good track record with other web users.

Don't shorten every URL just because you can.  There are still times to use your longer web addresses for promotional purposes.  It's good for branding when users can see your actual domain name, so use the shorter URLs discreetly.  If you're not sure which to use, check out other posts to find what successful social marketers are doing in similar ads or Tweets.   

Monday, April 11, 2011

Social Marketing with GEO Targeting and Keywords

Targeted social marketing involves using specific keywords to reach potential customers on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and thousands of other popular sites. With geo-targeting and keyword-based marketing, you can target your audience by geographic region using text ad clickthrus and/or full page interstitial views of your website. Target by country, keyword, PCs or Smart Phone devices, and enjoy numerous other benefits.

If you don't use social advertising, then realize that your competitors are likely already REAPING THE BENEFITS! Social networking has been a phenomenon for several years and continues to grow. More and more people are getting on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites....and age and social status don't seem to matter anymore!

Just about everyone that has Internet access either has a social page or is at least thinking of getting one. If you choose not to do the "Social Advertising" scene....then your competition will!

The key to social marketing success is to use a service that combines all the avenues of promotion to multiple social audiences. You're probably too busy to keep up with all the major social websites and to promote your business through these avenues daily. But with social marketing services, you'll be allowing marketing experts to do the promotions for you!

Don't ignore the power of social networks and how they can work to your advantage. You'll get targeted backlinks to your site (which is great for SEO), new followers that are interested in your products or services, and the opportunity to get your ads or web pages seen by thousands of very active Internet users. Check out social website marketing today and see how affordable and effective this method can be!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Earn Revenue from Your Forum with Short URLs

If you operate an online forum or even if you post regularly to someone else's forum, a good way to earn revenue is to use short URLs in your posts. Short URLS not only work better in forums (in contrast to very long web addresses), but they also simplify the posting process and give you a means to earn extra passive money.

What's a Short URL?

A short URL can be issued by websites (like Ity.im) for free to provide you with a way to shorten those long, mind-boggling URLs such as specific product pages in a database or any web address that's longer than usual.

The URL is shorter so you can post it in the forum area easily. No longer will you have to limit your linking capabilities to the text/character limits within a forum post area. If your URL is too long (or even if not), just get a shorter URL through a reliable URL shortener service, and post all the links you want without hassle.

How Do You Earn?

Here's the fun part....some services (such as Ity.im) offer cash rewards every time someone clicks on your shortened URL. This benefits the shortener service because they receive publicity for their website and services. It benefits you because you'll earn a set amount of cash each time a forum user clicks on your short URL!

Sound too easy? Well, it is easier than you could ever imagine. You'll just post your short URL, and then earn every time a forum member or reader clicks on it to visit your link. So if 100 people click your short URL, then you'll earn every single time! Not to mention, the shorter URL will enable you to list links to your product pages and other sales pages, without worrying about the link address being too long. This expands your capabilities as a forum owner or regular poster.

Targeted Users a Plus

If your forum is like most others, it is likely a targeted one that focuses on one particular subject, such as health/weight, classic cars, accounting, music, marketing, gardening, religion, etc. This means you're more likely to get frequent clicks on your short URLs as people visit the forum. Forums are thought of to be "non-threatening" meaning they are not designed to necessarily sell anything. Users are more willing to click links for more information because they don't feel pressured into buying items. They seek advice and information; when they find a good possible resource, then they'll click on the link to learn more. Using the short URLs will give you credibility in the forum and encourage more clicks as users start searching for useful information on their favorite topics.

With short URLs, you can start succeeding through your forum with very little effort. It's a no-brainer that gets immediate results!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Make Money with Wordpress and Interstitial Ad Plug-ins

As a Wordpress blog owner you might be considering third-party advertisements as a way to make money with Wordpress. This is a great way to monetize your blog if you don't already sell products or services of your own. One type of ad that has grown in popularity in recent years is the interstitial ad. It is an ad that blends with the "ebb and flow" of a website while offering specials to users as they explore a site.

What is an Interstitial Ad?

In general, interstitial ads are actual full Web page advertisements that show to a site visitor either before or after visiting a page. Here's an example: Let's pretend a visitor comes to your site, browses a few content pages and then gets ready to sign up for your free e-book or a free product giveaway. But upon clicking the link to go to the free offer page, he is first shown a page that is actually an ad of some sort.

Next Example: Interstitial ads sometimes appear after a purchase or offer page. If users make a purchase, an interstitial ad may appear after purchase to thank the customer and/or upsell with another offer. Or, if a user decides to click away from an offer without buying, you might add an interstitial ad with one more plea and an even greater discount. This increases your chances of making a sale every time!

Once shown the ad, he can either keep reading and/or respond to the ad before signing up for your free offer, or he can simply click "Skip Ad" or a similar command to keep surfing your site as usual.

What about Interstitial Ads and Blogs?

Your Wordpress blog works similar to a website in that it has links so users can browse your blog's various pages. Interstitial ads can be integrated into your blog code using a plug-in so they'll work similar to those on regular websites. When folks read your blog and begin to click links, they can be presented with an interstitial ad page with a special offer.

How You'll Earn

You can make money with Wordpress using interstitial ads by either selling your own products using the ads or by placing interstitial ads for other companies. If doing so for others, you can potentially earn any time someone views the ad - whether the user acts on the offer or not. You're being paid for impressions" instead of actual responses or clicks.

Some marketing firms now offer free Wordpress plug-ins to integrate advertising campaigns into your Wordpress blog. These might not only include interstitial ads, but also text ads (pay-per-click), banner ads, and ads that can be customized for your own offers. If your blog isn't already Linkgeared to sell products/services, these plug-ins are great for earning cash with your blog, and they take minimal effort to install.

Use interstitial ad plug-ins to monetize Wordpress and start enjoying more benefits from your blog. Your blogging efforts can pay off if you use these tools wisely. Interstial ads are popping up all over the Web....even at mainstream websites! So they definitely should not be ignored as a potential money-maker.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Understanding Redirect Links for a URL Shortener

If you're considering a URL shortener service to convert your longer promotional links to shorter URLs, it's good to become familiar with the term "302 redirect." While 301 redirects are the most commonly recommended redirect links, they are permanent and are often used to redirect a page within the same website or to forward pages when redesigning a website to ensure no traffic is lost.

With third party URLs shorteners, however, 302 redirects are often the best choice. Let's explore why and how they work.

What is a 302 Redirect?

It's a server setting or command that redirects/forwards pages to a different domain name or destination. The reason these are labeled as "temporary" is because search engines will frequently check this redirect to update it. If your site stops using a shortened URL, and another site begins using it later on, Google and other search engines will update the results to reflect the new destination page.

How 302 Redirect Works with a URL Shortener

Companies that offer URL shorteners may use the 302 redirect command to ensure all shortened URLs remain up-to-date and get to the proper destinations. But you don't have to worry about creating any code or commands in your site's code or FTP section. The URL shortener service will create it for you. All you have to do is sign up for an account (some are free) and then type the VERY LONG URL you wish to shorten. The shorter URL will have a different top level domain name, so it won't be the same as your company's domain name.

This comes in handy if you need to create a temporary promotional page for a product but you don't want to change the original product page design. The main product page can be redirected using a 302 redirect for as long as the promotion lasts. You can also promote the shorter URL in blogs, social networks, etc. and encourage other visitors to take advantage of the promotion while it lasts.

Another use for shortened URLs using the 302 setting is to shorten a very long URL that you would like to promote via Twitter, Facebook or other sites that might have a character limit on link submissions. Depending on the type of programming used for your site's design, a specific URL might be very long! This can prevent it from being accepted in some submission forms, or it could deter visitors to those sites from clicking the link. Long links tend to become broken easily too, thus causing them not to work when clicked on!

Choose a URL shortener service that uses 302 redirect. This will save time and headaches later on when you want to change your marketing strategy, but will also help you reach short-term promotional goals. Some sites even make it possible to earn cash every time someone clicks on your shortened URL. So you'll have plenty of motivation to shorten your long URLs and promote them wherever possible!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How To Make Money With URL Shorteners

There is one particular new URL shortening service that has just been launched - the world's first that actually offers revenue to its members based on how many people click the shortened links that they send out all over the web. Given that these links can point to anything you like (not just sites that are trying to sell you something!), there seems to be a massive untapped market and potential for earnings. Today we look at some of the fastest and easiest ways to make money with short URLs - hold on to your Paypal account!
  1. Tweeting with short URLs
    People are quite used to clicking on shortened URLs in Twitter ... and the microblogging site sees a massive amount of traffic every day!
  2. Sharing links on Facebook
    Facebook is one of the biggest activity hubs on the internet ... and its social! People will often click links because their friends recommended them, their fellow group members told them they thought it was interesting, and other people who 'Like' the same pages they do recommended visiting. The best part of earning money this way is that you don't have to share unrelated links that will annoy people - simply put your short URL in place of the regular one!
  3. Myspace, Bebo, Friendster, Qzone
    All of these social networking sites have a massive amount of traffic - most of us probably have friends on one or more of them, but as on Facebook, the real short URL clicking potential is in sharing information with other members of 'Groups' or 'Pages' and their equivalents on Bebo etc.
  4. Your blog
    Blogs are an amazingly rich source of clicks - and you can use your anchor text to point to a short URL just as you would to point to an ordinary length URL.
  5. Blog comments
    Many net-izens realize that blog comments can be just as rich and comprehensive a source of information as a blog post itself. Choose your type of blog post carefully - the ones where people are most likely to actually read that other comments and click in the links on them are in academic, scientific, political and current events niches.
  6. Yahoo Answers
    It's always useful to provide extra information in your Yahoo Answers in the form of a link - make it a conveniently shortened one and you'll be earning cash by helping inform people.
  7. Forums
    The same principle applies to forums - answer a question well, than provide extra information in the form of a shortened link.
  8. Email jokes
    It is always advisable to use shortened URLs in emails anyway, because of the possibility that the email client will break a long link. You can use anchor text with the shortened URL within an email message, just as you can with blogs.